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    We had John Younie, owner of Unique Hardwood Floors, install, sand, stain and finish 3/4" thick, 4" wide red oak flooring in our kitchen, dining area, living room and front entry. He and his crew of two (one of whom is his son), did a great job.

    I particularly appreciate that John isn't just a sales person. He was on site, working with his crew, every day. He uses equipment that keeps dust to a minimum, and he uses low/no VOC materials so we didn't have to vacate our house to get this done.

    We had a hard time deciding whether to install pre-finished wood flooring or have them finished on site. We finally decided to have them finished on site in order to get the smooth finish we wanted (as opposed to the dirt-collecting grooves that form from the beveled edges that most pre-finished materials have).

    We are thrilled with our new floors. We've got more flooring to do and can't wait to have him back.